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Headlight Horizontal Adjuster Broken


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Hi everyone, I am a newbie and have a problem with one of the horizontal adjusters for my headlight unit (NOT HID) in that the entire mechanism to adjust it is missing!


I have read some articles about how to fix the vertical adjustment  (Brutal's screw fix) but have seen nothing on what to do if the horizontal adjuster is broken or in my case missing :-( To be clear, the missing parts are the two plastic (adjusting wheel and adjuster) bits so all I am left with is the metal bolt sticking out of the housing.


Can anyone help or advise? Thanks in advance.





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HI Jonathan, and welcome to the club.


I think that you will have to get a replacement for the missing bits.


You could try the David Manners Group  ---  they are pretty good for Jaguar parts.


Let us know how you get on.





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 hi and welcome to the club

                                           id go to a local scarp yard  and grab a complete unit  not sure on cost it depends on what they going to charge you at the main dealers for the bits


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FYI .... Managed to find 2 x reconditioned headlights with replacement adjusters etc for 50 quid via eBay. It was an auction and no one else placed a bid :-) Plan now is to fit them and then I'll recondition my old units and either keep them or sell them. Haven't decided which yet lol


Thanks for your advice/help :-) Much appreciated

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