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Fitting CD multichanger


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Hi, I am new to this site, but would appreciated some help with fitting the CD changer, I have a 2008 X-Type, 2.2d Saloon, it has a touch screen, Sat nav and Phone and a single cd/radio.


I have fitted the unit into the cradle below the sat nav unit in the boot, and I have located the power supply to the cd changer unit, However I can not see and free plugs on the fibre optic cable. 


Because I already have the sat nav and phone fitted as standard, do I need another cable to link in the changer ? and if so how many plugs, ie: 2 way, 3 way or 4 way, I assume that it would be a 3 way as with the changer I would have a total of 3 items on the loop, or am I assuming wrongly.


After all this is sorted do I need to reprogramme the system to acknowledge the changer and can I do this through the touch screen.


Would appreciate any help and advice, many thanks.

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Hi Ian

You need 3 fibre optic lead  to connect your cd as you stand four lead would be better as at a latter date you may decide to

fit voice etc


But blank of spare lead as for reprogramme some times it will plug and play if your lucky If not dealer or some one with right equipment to make system know cd is there    Hope this helps a bit     Happy motoring     Ray

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