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Newbie S Type Owner


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Hi I have just purchased a 2004 S Type 3.0 SE to replace an IS300 Sportcross.

I am looking to renew discs and pads. What brand of brake pads do you guys recommend? Not fussed about cost, just want something with minimal brake dust are mintex any good?

Also regarding front discs, there seem to be 3 sizes, 288, 300 and 320 mm, what size are mine?

Thanks in advance

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good morning robert and welcome to the club

                                                                       i think its all down to size of engine and & model  type  ie sport gt gti

the only sure way is to get a tape out


v6 sport comes out at 320mm front  £83.99p  -   288mm rear   £64.99p

v6 non sport 300mm front   £88.99p  -   rear 288mm  £64.99p

thats from 2002 - 2006 models

these are the only two that is listed from m-tec  brakes ltd   


as for the pads mintex are ok but if you want better stopping power go for ebc green or yellow stuff pads 

this would be my choice  as ive used mtec brakes on most of my cars

regards ron  

forgot to mention i always use & have holed & grooved dics as well

hope this helps 


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Welcome to the Club, Robert.


Ron has pointed you in the right direction.


I have used a mobile mechanic for over 12 years, and he always uses the best quality.. One of his maxims is "It's easy to go fast in a fast car.  Stopping it is more important."


The David Manners Group will supply genuine Jaguar parts at less cost than a Jaguar Main Dealer.





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Baer, Stoptech or EBC are well known brands in replacement discs alongside the vastly more expensive Brembo of course.

I've used EBC in the past and found them satisfactory albeit when open to the elements surface rust likes to adhere itself to them then again, that would probably happen to any disc.

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