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x type wobble?


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i have a 2.0 x type diesel and have a wobble when accelorating in 4 and 5 on the motor way any idea's

doesn't seem to do it any other time , have had wheels balanced and there fine ,seems odd but need help

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Hi Richard, and welcome to the club.


I had a similar experience with a Rover Sterling automatic some years ago and found that a front tyre was the problem.


Similarly with my X type after a pothole incident --  a new pair of front tyres and the tracking corrected cures it.






P.S.  My X type was the same colour as yours  ---   suits the car!

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wobble seems to be sorted turned out to be the drive shaft but since then i have found out i need a wheel can anyone tell me what wheels these are as can't seem to findone any where

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