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Newish S-Type Member


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Hi all been a member since November but haven't got round to introducing my self.


I brought a 2001 S-type 3.0se manual in Nov, trading up from a Rover 75 didn't really think there would be much difference how wrong was I. Anyhow I restore XJS's for a living and fancied a S-Type as a bit of a project, to do while driving. The back end of Jan the back wheels on both sides looked odd, both identical but the camber angles looked slightly excessive with no real change in the driving feel from when I brought her. I jacked her up to find that the rear subframe between the upper inner wishbone mounts had completed corroded away on both sides, and I have been since told that this is common on the S-Type between 1999 and 2002, (Does anyone know if this is true?).

After a bit of a search I found a subframe in Scotland through E-bay which looked good in the photos I was sent and still looked good when I took delivery as a complete bolt in unit, it was only when I stripped it down and had the subframe blasted in preparation for powder coating that I found holes in exactly the same places as the old one but not as advanced, so I could repair it.

Now the subframe has been zinc primed and powder coated in black, wax oiled, new subframe bushes, poly bushed lower wishbones and installed, and wow what a difference. What is surprising is how hollow these subframes are and I am considering getting another subframe and capping the ends, has anyone else thought this or done this?






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Welcome to the club, David.


Your experience will be invaluable to the membership, as sharing experiences is a real boon especially for us oldies who find this new technology mystifying.





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