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Bluetooth connectivity


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I've had my car's spec from Jaguar and it clearly states "bluetooth telephone connection".


There is definitely a bluetooth module in the car as my phone finds it, called "Jaguar", however, contrary to what i believed, my phone does not pair.


There is no telephone module in the boot where it would normally be situated above the Sat Nav DVD.


Now, why would somebody have the bluetooth module but not the Telephone module?


If anybody has the telephone module in their S Type PLEASE can you take a look and let me know the Jaguar part number?


Thank you.

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Happy now :lol: Problem solved. Replaced the phone controller mounted behind the Kaiser panel in the boot. Works perfectly with iPhone 6 :D


As a matter of interest, I took the car to a local dealership, who wrongly diagnosed the problem as a faulty bluetooth module, charging me £84 for the privilege, and offered to replace it for me for a very reasonable price of £991.


Considering you can buy the module on fleabay for, sometimes, less than £20, and fitting it takes five minutes, I thought that a very reasonable quote... NOT

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