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CDC enabled?


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Hi all,


My car audio doesn't have a CD changer fitted and I'm intending to use a Connects 2 device to connect my iPod.


Apparently, without a CD changer being fitted, the CDC button on the audio would be inoperative.


Is this true please and if so, how can I enable it?



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OK, I spoke to my local Jaguar dealer and they say it does need "programming". "That'll be £84 plus VAT please."


However, I found the following... and it works:-



S Type
Touchscreen hidden diagnostics pages


Switch the ignition on until the touchscreen display starts.


Hold the menu and phone buttons together for about 5 seconds.


This presents a screen to enter the diag PIN. PIN is 917.


This lets you into lots of information and a few settings for the screen. Also enables you to test the functionality of most centre console switches and functions and well as diagnose the navigation and TV systems.


Follow the steps shown in above but instead of entering 917 enter in the code 1971.

This will give you a more complete diagnostic screen with a very important additional button. The button is the MISC button. Press this and then press the System Options button. From here you can activate options thatyou have added to your Jag. The audio options are CDC, MDC, PHONE, VEMS, DSP, REAR, VOICE and TV. Also, you can change the System/Vehicle settings which are JP-S/W (gives you Japanese menus) or Daimler (Whatever THAT does) also you can change A/C FR, A/C RR, SMOG. You can also change the type of music device you have attached from TAPE, MD or CD. And, you can change the Nav system type
between 400, 350 and 202.


Switch the ignition off, wait a few seconds and switch on again. Your selections will be operative.

Now, one important point is that if you don't have a particular option installed and you select it the option will appear on the display but will not function properly and will disappear once you restart the vehicle. But should you add a CD changer off eBay let’s say, you will be able to get things working properly without going to the dealer.


Maybe you all knew about this but if not, it might be a useful addition to your user manuals :)

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