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2007 2.0d x type


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hi, i seen a 2007 2.0d x type tonight that really looked the part...it has full service history but im being put of by the fact its done 130k miles, im unsure whether its a sport or an se model as its still rather well equiped apart from heated seats, reverse sensors, headlight wash and sat nav. should i be put of by that millage




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Hi Craig

There's plenty of x type's out there so take your time and check them out.

Jim64 kindly put 3 different cars on here from auto trader well the first one is Not a Sovereign because it doesn't have the coloured piping on the seats. Some x type's were registered a different model than the Car actually was. And it depends what your looking for

I've had both the 2-0 litre and the 2-2 litre I prefer the 2-2 also what kind of suspension I have the Touring Suspension and the Sport Models have the stiffer suspension and with this model go for the Premium Sport Model. I have an Auto Transmission a really like it

and probably wouldn't go back to a Manuel Gearbox but then with an Auto you Pay more for Road Tax.



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hi, thanks for the reply, im taking my time as there are alot out there that are a "mess", i dont do alot of miles so i should take into account the petrol models, i was told to steer clear of the 2.1 v6 as the 2.5 4x4 offers slightly better consumption

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Hi Craig,


I had a 2005 2.5litre AWD and it was brilliant.  I would still have it if it had not been stolen.


I would consider this model if you only do short distances.  There are still a few about and you can get about 35 mpg on a long run.



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