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Cruise not available


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This is a problem which I have had before, which at the time was corrected using the advice given on this Site, which was to charge the Battery or if that didn't work. Fit new Battery. Charging the Battery worked every time.

The problem reoccurred again this week, so rather than charge what was an 11 year old Battery, I had a New Battery fitted, this did nor cure the problem, But, after a long drive, the next day the problem was gone on my first drive of the day, yet an Hour Later on the return drive it had returned, so I charged the New Battery But, this also has not worked, after about 2 or 3 minutes the Amber warning light illuminates and ' Cruise not available' is displayed.

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Hi Colin

I run a check on your problem and come up with this------


About the only thing that will cause a cruise control fault is a loose vacuum hose ussually

on the breather hose coming from the valve cover in front to the throttle body.


So I feel thats the first thing to check .good luck.



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