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S Type 2007 buying help needed


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Been told that if I want an S Type I should only buy a 57 plate as the diesel engine is chain not belt and the spec is better ??? any truth in this as any help would be appreciated as I've made up my mind that I want an S Type for my next car

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Welcome to the club, Sacha.


My S Type 2.7 D is an 07 plate with a belt, and as far as I know so has the 57 plate.  It is recommended you change it at 105k miles.


The s type is a great car - Grace, space and pace -- as Sir William Lyons said.


If I am wrong about the belt/chain an s type owner with a 57 plate will correct me.





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hi sacha

              peter has hopefully steered you in the right direction for the s type, but if your looking for a chain driven car try the x type

later models are chain driven and still have loads of space and will return good mpg and the comfort/ride of a Jaguar

good luck with hunting down your new car

regards ron

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morning sacha 

              you may be right on looks but as i needed space i think i have the best of all worlds (my opinion)

as i have loads of space with the estate - ride / comfort - very good MPG - & Iv'e still got the looks / lines of the big cat what more can one ask.

best regards Ron  

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