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Hi All - just thought I would introduce myself 

Just got my first jag- and first executive car! 2009 Jaguar X-type (registered as a Sovereign but obviously not- a !Removed! up by Jaguar I believe)

Anyhow chuffed to bits with it!..


Just had Jaguar Voice fitted ( some one dis warn me- it was in his opinion - not worth the hassle or the money - id never use it - he was right)

Anyhow - I am hoping to add a few more "Novelties" and a few more other custom bits to it- 


Does anyone know how   - is it possible- to make calls using your smart phone  via bluetooth by VOICE control? 


Also - i would like to replace the wooden dash with something a little more modern looking - brushed steel - again anyone attempted this or know where I can get it done? I have been told the vinyl wrap ( with 3m backing) gives superb results- anyone used this?



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I fitted the parrot to my XKR which I find excellent. It can see more than 1 phone i.e. I use my personal and company mobiles with no problems at the same time. Originally it was fitted into my SL55 by Halfords but I took it out when selling the car. Think I originally gave in the region of £299 for it.

Plenty of wrapping companies out there who can probably demonstrate or show you samples of what can be achieved. I like the wood dash myself but thats personal choice.

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Cheers Fellas- ...and I think I jumped the gun too early reagrding Jaguar Voice- While waiting for my wife shopping - I played around with Jaguar Voice - (got the manual) and low and behold - you can make calls via Jaguar Voice through smart phone (just name tag the numbers ) Whoo Hoo!!  Regarding the vinyl wrap - looked on you tube - plenty of info there - but I am going to buy a used dash to practice on first- and if I thinks its any good - fit that one to my car and I will have the original to put back on car if and when I come to sell it.

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