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Hello everyone


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Hi all , i just wanted to sign up to hopefully gain some useful tips and info on an xf which I'm hoping to get as my next car , I've been reading up quite a lot of members issues and unsurprisingly the DPF seems to crop up quite a lot , this seems to be a common issue across all modern diesels as does the EGR valves .

Id be coming from an accord and the main appeal of the xf is the ride quality , I'm sure ill have loads of questions along the way and hopefully maybe able to share some of the knowledge and experience I've gained from a fantastic accord owners forum over the years

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Welcome to the Club, Mark.


The club thrives on experiences, both good and bad.


My S type has the 2.7 litre diesel, and I have never had a problem with the DPF, although, doing a lot of short runs the EGR valves have been a bit sticky on a few occasions, cured usually with a blast on the A38 with the Sport Mode Button pressed on.  I have also used Wynns Diesel EGR cleaner which works and saves the messy job of taking out the EGR valves and cleaning them manually.  There are also other similar products.


If you do a long run about once a month at over about 50 mph for 20 minutes after the engine has warmed up you should never have a problem with the DPF.


I also gave my car which has only 60k on the clock a Terraclean service  which worked wonders with smoothness and mpg, as well as performance.  Additionally, I never use supermarket fuel, but usually Shell Vitro which also helps with the mpg.


Enjoy your XF!





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hi mark and welcome

                                  a lot of members will give advice & info on there jaguar's as with most clubs we are all very friendly

and if we can help out we will anyways lots to see on the site so have a good look around

regards ron

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Thanks guys , these places are generally the best for picking up owners tips and fixes , and am curious to see if the jags DPF issues were any better or worse than other manufacturers ,

I do drive ' spiritedly ' and haven't personally had any issues with any of the diesels I've owned so far although im well aware of potential issues and misunderstandings of certain warning lights ,

Anyway cant wait to get one as I've test driven a few lately and they are an awesome beast !

Already ive learned to drain the fuel filter and they have no dipstick ?? Lol

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Hi Mark, welcome to The Jaguars Owners Club. I believe you will find us equally or better that the forums for which you are used to i.e. The Accord Forum. My Son was a member of The S2000 forum for some time which he praised. I believe also you will enjoy the XF experience.

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