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Where is the fuel pressure manifold on the diesel.


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Can somebody tell me where the fuel pressure manifold is on the diesel engine please?


I know it is right at the back of the engine but when I took the main engine cover panel off I couldn't see anything like what I was looking for.


Please can somebody tell me how to get to it?



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Ok according to this there are three potential manifolds this is from the 2.7 XJ so assume it's the same it has one either side running down the side next to the injectors and one feeding them from the centre if that helps...post-5071-0-33281600-1429384079_thumb.jp

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Thanks :)


Yes it is the centre one but when I take the main engine cover off I can't see it or anything like it so need some indication as to how to access it please.


Specifically, the electrical connection.

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