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problem with crackling sound


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hi guys, whenever i turn off the engine after reaching operating temp, i can hear a loud crackling sound coming from the exhaust at the front of the car.  i'm pretty sure its not the manifold, but i've no idea if this is serious or not.  anyone have any ideas for me?





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thank you kindly dear chaps.  I was beginning to get the fearties and imagine all sorts of problems and was planning to start doing the lottery on a regular basis.  

Thermal contraction sounds a perfectly reasonable answer, so thanks one and all.  it was just a bit unnerving hearing it.



the bear

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Peter, Steelworker? riveting:-)

Hi Kenny,


While ostensibly I worked in an office, my alleged expertise was in job evaluation, work study, and bonus schemes, and the only way to operate properly was to spend more time on the shop floor, and I have been in every department in many steelworks.


In the sheet steel hand mills the quite thin sheets were left to cool before being sheared to size by hand, and you could hear them contracting slightly but noisily.


Very interesting work.





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