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Soon to be owner looking for advice


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Hi all

As it said in the topic, I'm on the verge of buying an x-type. I'm a bit confused that some of these have a navigation system on the spec list (standard equipment) but no display? Can someone advise if this is the case ease, and if so , why!!!!!! The car I'm looking at is a 2005 Diesel SE. Standard equip states nav system but car clearly doesn't have an LCD display. When I check the specs it looks like the sat nav is standard (think I read from somewhere that it's a box in the boot) but the display is optional ?????

Any help happily recieved. I'm historically an Alfa fan and to keep these on the road you need to know them intimately! I'm hoping I can get to the same level with the jag (a through choice rather than necessity )



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Hi Darren

I had a 05 SE in 07 and it didn't have Sat Nav it had the 2 small screens, the one's with Sat Nav have a 7in by 5in ? Screen. If you go onto

some web sites and look at the interiors and you'll see the difference .

Be carefull when looking at advert's as some say it's a certain model when actually it's a model below which is advertised ( models are

(S basic ) (SE ) ( Sport ) ( Sport Premium ) ( and top of the range Sovereign.) There are a lot of different variations as owners would add

different Packages when New.

The Sport Models have a Firmer Suspension and some have 16in,17in,18in Wheels.I have 17in wheels and Touring Suspension and the

2-2 litre engine .

As for the Sat Nav the Disc' s are only up to 2012 year some members fit aftermarket with GPS.



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Hi Darren, and welcome to the club.


You can find the standard spec of each model by googling the model you are looking for, and if you have a particular car in mid and have the vin number you can try  vindecoderz  which will give you the spec as it left the factory.


There is often about £20k worth of options than can be fitted on the SE, which can include a proper spare wheel on a matching alloy, throw in carpets, Sat Nav, etc.


The extras fitted are well worth checking out.



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