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S Type - Another new owner


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Hi All, long history of cars of all types but this is only my second Jag.  Pictures to follow but it won't be here for a few weeks.


My first was a V12 XJS when I was 21 (young plumber with loads of money and no common sense)


The latest is a 51 Plate S with a broken gearbox.  With no money - due to house build - and looking for something to play with having sold my Cobra Kit to fund the new kitchen my glazier mentioned his S Type.  Sat for 18months on his drive because it goes into Limp mode everytime he drove it.  The deal is, I get the car, fix it, MOT it so he can get his private plate back off it and I get to keep the Black 75,000mile S Type.


Most of our money is spent on the house so any pointers to free resources, manuals on CDs, workshop CDs, good articles on gearboxes, brakes will need full refurb, etc will be greatly appreciated.


Regards to all


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Hi Warren, and welcome to the club.


The task you have sounds very interesting, and there are some manuals that can be downloaded free, but there are others that can be found for around £10.  Ten minutes googling and you will find them.  There is one site I recommended but I am dashing out now as my CEO wants to consult with Waitrose and Marks and Spencer on the best way to spend some money.


Let us know how you get on. 





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Hi Warren and welcome to The Jaguar Owners Club. If you scroll through the forum you will find Workshop manual downloads that should assist you with your dilemma. Good luck, I know exactly what it is like to be in the middle of an house build, I built my own in 2003

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