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Missing Jaguar MK2 in Cheshire

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Good Afternoon.


I'm posting this appeal of behalf of a Mr Christian Barclay. Unfortunately Christian has been bed bound for a number of years and is unable to use a computer etc. so has asked me (Andrew Machin) to reach out for help through the Jaguar community.


Christian is seeking help in trying to locate his MK2 Jaguar which has basically been stolen from a lock up garage in Nantwich - Cheshire. Below are the details surrounding this.


The car is a MK2 3.4 overdrive in racing green. Registration number GND 798E and was first registered on the 13th January 1967. The chassis number is 170441 DN and the engine number is KJ 8862-8. Christian bought this car on the 24th December 1973 and is still the sole owner of the vehicle.


In 1981 Christian suffered a broken neck and throughout the years up to present has been in and out of hospital resulting unfortunately now being 24/7 bed bound. A few months ago Christian started making arrangements for the car which was stored securely in a lock up garage to be moved to his home address. After attending the address where the car was, it appears it has been stolen. The land lord of the lock up garages cannot be found and so in the first instance the car has been reported to the Cheshire police as stolen - incident number 529 / 22/04/2015. Christian has made some basic searches but has drawn a blank. As you can see there's a good twenty year gap for the car to go missing, so this will be a hard task trying to find the car.


Basically Christian is looking for help or suggestion in how to trace the car, if anyone has any ideas on how to go about this he would be very grateful. His home number is 01270 841908 alternatively I will be picking up returned posts or my direct email address is andrew.machin4@btinternet.com


Regards, Andrew Machin.



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Hi Christian,


I echo Kenny's thoughts.  I did a check with the DVLA --  you have probably done it already  --  but it returned a nil result.


A car like that has probably been shipped abroad, possibly to the USA.  It would be possible via Google, to find an American contact and ask the question.





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i dont know if you have this already but facebook has a very well known stolen car list put the reg on there as it goes to 1000s of people all across the uk & euro citys but i will put it out to all Jaguar clubs & many multi media site for you by all means

hope you get some good news soon

regards Ron  

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