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pipes & sensors


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Hi all, a bit of a request. I have had my S type 2.7Diesel 2007 model for a few weeks now & I have started looking around under the bonnet/Hood. There are a couple of things not right. The fuel filter is " floating, i.e. you can pick the can up a move it around, there also seems to have been some work on the right hand side engine bay, poss EGR replacement as a few things are loose around theree, the power steering reservior for one. the foil protection and sound/heat proofing on this side are also showing signs of being disturbed.

Finally, and this is where I realy need some help, a vacume line from a sensor on the front of the engine which runs under the manifold was "terminated" I use that term loosly, on the manifold securing stud. i tok the line off & with the engine running there is suction there, without knowing where it should go I had to put it back on the stud.

Is there anyone around in North Herts who would let me see where this line should go, I guess it has a function.

Strangly after proding around in this area the EML went out next time I started the car, I only disturbed the EGR loom and this phanton vacume line?


hope someone can assist.


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Hi Martin,


I have the same model as you, and although I am not in North Herts you are welcome to have a look under the bonnet on my car, which is quite undisturbed.  [i don't get oily hands and more].


The engine was replaced by Jaguar whilst owned by Stratstone at 21k, and now with 60k on the clock it has only done 39k.





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Hi Martin,

I have an 05 but should be the same as yours under the bonnet. I can take a couple of pictures and post them on here so you can see where everything should be if you want.


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