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S type 2.7 diesel owners


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Mine is 130k plus and is as solid as a rock. Make sure the cam belt and rear belt have been done though. I'm not aware of any other Achilles heel with this engine.


As in all other cases, a high mileage well maintained car is a better proposition than a low mileage badly maintained car. Service history will be of importance.


I don't think I'd be too concerned over that sort of mileage if the price was right.

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the diesel is the only one with a timing belt, so make sure it has been changed at the correct mileage and make sure the egr (exhaust gas recirculation) valves are operating. My car has done 161000 miles and the valves were totally clogged and not working. £400 plus labour.


If the car you are looking at has straight out exhausts also check the diesel particulate filters are ok. older cars with exhausts pointing downwards are ok as they don't have dpfs.    

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Oh, and also check the sills of the car. The s type has plastic sill covers which hide the metal sills. The metal sills are prone to rust due to being covered. Check them thoroughly, mine were ok but I caught them just in time. They have  now been under-sealed and injected with wax . Whilst doing the job I removed a couple of pounds of dirt which had built up inside the covers and when damp would have been accelerating the rot.

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