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Hi everyone, another new S-Type owner!!

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Hi everyone, I've been browsing through your forum and I'm very impressed!


I bought a gorgeous 2003 73k S-type 2.5 SE on Saturday - pacific blue with sand leather. It was a wonderful drive back home, comfortable, quiet and quality - my daughter said that it felt like a wedding car! Not got any photos taken yet.


I'll keep popping into the forum to get information on all sorts of things. One question: Is there a Haynes manual for the S type?



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Hi David, and welcome to the club.


The S Type is coming into its own, and indeed, getting very popular.


You daughter is quite right, as my niece had my s type as her wedding car. She just needed to go a mile from home to the venue in Hartford, Northwich, but I think thy did a tour of the area first! 


I am afraid that there is no Haynes manual for the S Type, but the good news is that you can download some, and there is also a company that does sell them via the internet for about £10.  I have forgotten the name, but another member has used them. 





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Hi Lighthouse.


Looks like we were in the same market on the same day.  I think I was going to have a look at that one, but ended up getting something closer to home.  Good luck with the car.



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