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Hello all,


In a few weeks time, my wife and I will be moving to south west France. Having made that decision, I have been torturing myself whether to take our beloved S Type with us or change it for a left hooker of some description.

We’ve lived in France before and the temptation to cruise those open roads in our 4.2 V8 is compelling so here’s my question; can anyone tell me please, of an independent Jaguar specialist in or around departments 24, 33 and 47?

Many thanks in advance. 

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Hi Jim,


I hope you and your wife enjoy you move.


If you just type in Jaguar DEALERS IN FRANCE you will get the Jaguar site and then just type in "France" and you will get a list of main dealers available for servicing or sales.


I don't know  how to find independents but I am sure that there must be some good mechanics close to where you are.





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Thanks Peter, but credit where it's due, the photo is courtesy of the Goodol' boys at a famous search engine.


I visited the garage today, it could have been a vintage Jaguar motor show, at least two V12 XJS's, two Mk2's and several XJ's of various periods.


I've booked my car in for an examination, we went ploughing this week, involuntarily. Everything appears to be fine but I'm no engineer, better safe, etc..


Kindest regards,





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Hi Phil


That's a good idea, I'm not sure my Franglaise is up to it though.


When we lived in Gwynedd (until May this year) the car was well served by Matthew at North Wales Jag so I'm pleased to find a garage here that appears to be similarly competent.

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Hi Jim,

Old Peter mentioned that you also are located in France. I have recently imported my 2.7 SE of 2007 manufacture. The euro-diesel engine being not so much of a problem for a mainstream garage to deal with but I too will be looking for an independent specialist in or around 82. I don't feel that RHD is much of a problem, mostly French drivers overtake me!

I'm not yet on the road with this car, the Montauban Préfecture seems to be dealing with a backlog of around three-four weeks duration at present, maybe next week. How did you find the garage you dealt with in October?



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Hello Barry


I have been very pleased with the service I received at Letellier Perrault (SARL) in Sainte Foy La Grande. There's also a side to their business which provides new and used components for Jaguars of all types:




By chance, I've seen two S Types being worked on at another garage nearby: Garage JME at Pineuilh, both cars are local, I've seen them often.


Good luck with your own search.

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