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Another new S Type owner

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Hi all,


Just picked up a '99 S Type and looking forward to enjoying it for a while.


From what I read I am possibly quite lucky in that it has done less than 19,000 miles, but I do live on Guernsey!


It was a chauffeured car for a local family so probably has spent more time being polished than used.


Needs a few things sorting out but these appear more from lack of use than anything else.


Hope to be able to pick a few brains here when needed.





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Hi Phil, and welcome to the club.


The S type is a very nice car, and with only 19k on the clock it is not quite run in.


I would guess that had anything gone wrong with the car a Chauffeur was have got it corrected, although lack of use does mean that the car has never been given a good blast now and then.  A bit hard on Guernsey!


Make sure the car gets the best petrol, and you could get the fuel system cleaned out by a Terraclean service, as it is possible that the injectors have got a bit mucky.  Also check out the condition of the air filter, which some garages don't bother changing it too often.


Enjoy your Jaguar.





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Thanks for the advice Peter. I am planning to get a full service carried out so will probably go for the Terraclean option at the same time.


Will be nice to know that everything is up to scratch.


I won't be using the car a great deal locally as the plan is that this will be our 'getting off the island' car when we visit France and Spain  :)

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