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Hello All

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My name is Danny Mark & I just joined the forum.  I live across the Pond in The Land Of Sunshine & No Basements.  I don't own a Jaguar Yet but I am looking for an XK8, I really love the lines & look of it & I NEED a convertible. I just missed a 2002 with only 17,000 miles or so on it,it was a beauty. I am looking at between years 2000 & 2004 that is about all that I can afford right now. I,m sure when I find what I want I will be reaching out for help.

Thanks Again


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Hi Dan, and welcome to the Club.


Sunshine and a convertible go together, but whatever the weather Jaguars are great cars.


I am sure the right one will come along and you will get the Jaguar experience.


The Club is a friendly place to belong and shared experiences are good.


The XK8 is a great car, and in spite of me keeping our S Type nice and shiny my wife still prefers the XK.





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Hi Danny and welcome to the Jaguar Owners Club even though you are still yet to purchase one. Bide your time and wait until the right one comes along for you, it may also be worth you broadening your distance prepared to travel for one. You can always ask the members on here if anyone lives nearby to take a butchers at one on your behalf taking photographs and the like and checking the paperwork to confirm mileage etc. The latter can be done on the VOSA website for free. Another thing you may wish to consider running long the lines of the XK8 is the XKR

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