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hi all

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Hi all...Became a first time jag x type owner last night.

Purchased a 2003 2.5 v6 se i need of saving.

No brakes wirk on the car,no brake fluid and the abs lights on!

Im in shropshire and worked in a coldtore on continental shift so i have 4 days off a week to play with my new toy!

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Welcome to the club, Kevin.


The 2.5 engine is a good piece of engineering , and the jobs needed you have mentioned on the car are not that difficult for a good DIY person.


I am sure you will get good advice if you run into problems.


I look forward to you telling us that you have just come back from a good day out with the car and it performed beautifully.





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Hi Kevin and welcome to THE Jaguar OWNERS CLUB :-) May I ask have you any insight as to why the problems exist on your new car? I am assuming you would have otherwise who would have bought a vehicle in such a bad state of repair? No brake fluid to me indicates a leak either in a pipe/pipes or from a master cylinder seal which should be relatively easy to trace and the fact that there is no brake fluid will result in 'no brakes working' and very possibly the reason for the ABS light remaining on therefore, I would personally start by resolving the brake fluid issue wherever it lies, give the brakes a good bleed starting from the furthest point away from the brake cylinder and then at a slow driving pace test the brakes. In fact if possible if there is a nearby MOT station then I would ask them to check the brakes following repair for reassurance, very often on seal repairs leaks can seep though whilst they settle.

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Thanks for the comments guys...

The front left and rear right alloys are both badly corroded by what i assume is brake fluid.The jag does have vrry limited braking and will not be onnthe rosd til safe.I refilled the brake reservoir andbits still full so dontbthink master cylinder is leaking

The plan of action i recon is..

1)New discs and pads all around.

2) New caliper seals on all calipers

3) Renew brake fluid(whats left)!

Got to wait for postie wth my haynes manual

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