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New member Hi Everyone :)


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Hi I have a 2011 XF 3.0 Diesel, just passed MOT but have advisory re: front brakes Pads & discs, I have done 52K: only had car 9 months love it more than my 2 XJS's.  Is it best to have dealer replace or easy home job recommendations please 

Nearest dealer is Hatfields in Hull. so will be full day out, do dealers still lend courtesy cars still?


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Welcome to the Club, David.


I don't get oily hands any more, so I will leave it to others more mechancally expert on how easy a job it is.


A full day out in Hull does not sound very good to me.  They used to say "From Hell, Hull and Halifax O Lord defend us."


But going to a main dealer for repair work is not my idea of a cheap day out.





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Hello David and welcome to The Jaguar Owners Club. You would find it a relatively easy job and a good place to purchase the discs and pads will be;




I have used them in the past and they would offer a choice of disc's / pads whether you want standard or drilled/vented, crossed drilled etc

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hi david 

            welcome by the way 

                                           to the pads & discs i agree with kenny  its an easy d i y job to do. 

you may also want to try,

                                    Mtec for discs and pads   i have used these for yrs and ive found them to be a very good all-round make disc + i use ebc ultra-max pads also a very good make of brake pad  

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