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Steering Wheel Alignement


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Hi All

Ive just had Kwik Fit do a complete wheel alignment tracking and tyre balance on my XF. As it was when it went in when the steering wheel is straight the car steers to the left. I took it back and they did it again and its no better. Any ideas ?



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Welcome to the club, Colin.


The only thing I can think of is that the steering wheel needs aligning with the wheels.


I had the same issue with a Rover, where the wheels were perfectly aligned but the steering wheel was a bit out.





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Hi Colin, 


I believe that the correct method to align the front wheels is to centre the steering wheel first and align each front wheel whilst the steering wheel is in the straight ahead position. Using this method the steering wheel will be centred with the car travelling in a straight line. Some people may be tempted to remove the steering wheel and reset to the centre position but this interferes with the indicator cancelling position so that it cancels quickly in one direction and much slower (greater rotational angle) in the other. Hope this helps

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Had wheel alignment done on my xf by several different garages with only one doing it right. From what I have seen I agree steering wheel should be centred before alignment is done. Use a garage with the latest laser equipment and make sure your tyres are evenly worned or replaced and suspension is not worn either.

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