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Hi, can anyone help me please. I have a 2002 S Type V6 SE and owners handbook recommends Pirelli 6000 (currently fitted) or Continental ContiEco - have reviewed both and they are really poor performers in wet conditions.  Now, I have moved on in 10 years (unfortunately) and so have tyres.  I have looked at Pirelli P7 Cintuarato All Season which seem better but finding difficult to source (can find Pirelli P7 summer).  Some companies recommending Michelin Primacy - I fitted these (all weather versions) on previous Volvo S80.  Am I being too picky? Does anyone have experience of P6000? I have come to this car late (have had an earlier model X type previously) buy am now hooked and want to get it right - any advice please, thank you.

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Hi Louise,


There was a recent survey on tyres and Goodyear came out on top especially for stopping n the wet and quietness.


Never be too picky about tyres. Always get the best you can, which are not necessarily the most expensive.


I have used Pirellis for some years but they have not moved on too much, and in the last couple of months I have fitted Goodyears to the front, and have really noticed the difference particularly in quietness.  They also meet the EU future  noise requirements.


Go on to Halfords website  ----  Just type in "Tyres" and you will get a screen on which you can type in the Car Reg and take it from there.


I paid £245 for a pair of Goodyear 18" Eagle Asymmetric tyres.


Let us know how you get on.





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hi Louise 

             what ever you do please shop around as you can always find a better price, ive found in the past  a lot of these place will always say theirs is the best price you can get but not always the case. 

regards Ron 

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