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Wooo Hooo - car passed its MOT!!!!


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had MOT yesterday and it passed - thankfully.


I was a bit sneaky though because there is a fault on the sensor on the master brake cylinder which produces a fault on the dash - Low brake level fluid - but its not low on brake fluid. So I partially disconnected the lead to the sensor. I have purchased a used servo and master brake cylinder for £35 including delivery. Does anyone know how to fit a replacement master brake cylinder? Is there any guidance on this or other web sites?


My parking sensors are not part of the MOT - phew! damn things still give off high pitch noise (sometimes when in reverse) - checked for the clicking noise on each and they all click even when there is the high pitch noise - so any ideas please?


The advisories -


Brake pipes corroded but do not enough to fail


Rear Sub frame corroded but not enough to fail.


Brakes pipes are strange forward for a mechanic. BUT Rear subframe is a cause for concern. What has everyone used to treat the rear subframe? What have you done to protect your subframe?

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