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X type radio / CD player


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Hi all.

Can anyone help me with a problem I'm having with the radio / CD player in my x type. Suddenly my radio keeps going on and off ever few second when you are trying to listen to it. The CD player is the same and the phone no longer works, the screen reads no phone fitted. I've had this happen once or twice over the last couple of years, when you turned the ignition off and back on everything worked fine again but not this time.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks Allen

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good morning Allen 

                                welcome to the club.  i cant give you any suggestions for this, but one of the other members on here should be able to help you out im sure.

have you looked the the forums / threads etc  on this subject ?? may be worth a look 


anyway hope you get it sorted soon 

regards Ron 

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Battery reset first, I'd suggest. Disconnect the battery for  a few minutes and then re-connect. Can solve a multitude of gremlins.


Other than that, at first thought, it seems that one of the D2B linked modules is intermittently faulty Allen. The D2B loop has to be complete for the whole setup to work.


I think perhaps the phone module in the boot might be a place to start. You can take any of the D2B modules out of the network loop by disconnecting the fibre optic plug and fitting a bypass loop, which is just a plug with a loop of fibre optic connected between the two terminals.


Alternatively, you could have a Jaguar dealer do a diagnostic check, ,although I have to say, from experience, that I don't have that much faith in them.

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