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Hi To All

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Hi from a new member. Got an x-type estate 05 plate this week.

Very pleased with it so far.

One question relating to the maps for the satnav, are the ones you can buy on the internet for around 20 quid safe or will they screw up the system?I have read this can happen. Anyone recomment a good seller? my maps are 2007 and a bit out of date!!!


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Hi Bob, and welcome to the Club.


I bought a disc from a company called SatNav Updates for £29. It is a 2011/12 disc and works fine.  It took me through Dublin last week with a blip and there are no Postcodes in Ireland.





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hi Bob 

         welcome to the club

         and as far as im concerned no problems with them ive had two updated disc's off them one for the jag & 1 for a citroen both worked fine with no problems 



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