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As someone who has always loved the MK2 style I have finally got round to buying an S type.

The problem is that I am not knowledgible enough to know which car to buy except that it will be the 2.7 diesel.

I would prefer to buy either an 07 or 08 plate.

Would anyone please advise me whether to buy auto or diesel and which spec.



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I have a diesel manual SE on an 06 and, having had a 3.0 petrol auto I'd recommend the diesel.

Mines an SE with nav, memory seats parking sensors and 17in wheels and that's about it really.

Others will have bluetooth, voice and cd changer but all this is easily retro fitted.

My advice is find the best spec best car you can find, each will be different.

Try a manual and an auto and make your own mind up.

The manual is better on fuel if that's important.

Later, 08 cars are sometimes XS spec which is a bodykit, bigger wheels and possibly all the toys.

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Welcome to the Club Greg,


Andy has given you some good tips.


Over the years, I have always tried to buy a car towards the end of a production run an all of the ear;y issues have been sorted out.


I have driven automatics for the last 15 years apart from 18 months with a manual x type 2.5AWD, and enjoy them.


There are so many optional extras on the s type that I would suggest writing down a list of what you want, and then take it from there.


I researched the engines on the S Type and eventually went for the 2.7 diesel SE Model, bought from a main dealer with a comprehensive warranty, and a full service history.  If you can get one with a low mileage that has been cared for you will have a good buy.


Mine is in Indigo Blue Pearlescent with Dove Grey leather  and 18" wheels.





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Hi Greg and welcome to THE Jaguar OWNERS CLUB. If its of any help I have a Mercedes 2.7 Turbo Diesel and I quite easily get 50+ miles to the gallon. My XKR 4.2ltr Petrol does not return anything near to that however, I bought each car for very different reasons, one for work the other as a toy, I'll let you work out which way round for yourself

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