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XF Sat Nav


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Can anyone tell me how to recall favourites from sat nav?

I understand the route - Stored Locations/Favourites but then there is no target to recall a favourite other than Edit or Delete.

The manual has nothing on this topic.

Many thanks,


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Hi Byron,


Just hit "set destination" and a panel of choices, including "favourites" (if you've put any in), should appear on the screen.


I will say though that the Sat Nav system on the XF is marketly inferior to my old plug-in Tom Tom which I used in my old S Type.



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hi alec in my 57 xk the sat nav was useless I even bought an up to date garmin for trips. but I have updated to an xj14 pl car and have only played with it and it seems very easy to use and much more better than the old sat nav in the xk. my x5 sec gen before the xk was  worse       i couldn't come to terms with that just like bmw the first and last, was going to buy new s-class but very bland inside just like the 7 bm, audi is good but the jag steals it

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