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Hello I,m new to the club


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I have owned my first Jaguar for 6 months - a 2004 XJR - a few problems with the suspension which are taking a while to fix, but now have a good specialist on the case.


Restored a few Jaguars when I was much younger - XK120, D Type and Tojeiro Jaguar. I am still involved with the Tojeiro register as I hold the archive material.


Hope to meet up at any Surrey / Hants events in the future.



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Welcome to the club, Jon.


It is rather nice to have an expert in the club.


Being a Northerner, I am not too au fait with Southern Geography, but there are always two meets a year in Brighton.





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Hello Jon and welcome to; THE Jaguar OWNERS CLUB. I echo Peters comments in that it is good to have a member with Jaguar History. You can and will I'm sure had to the knowledge bank we are quietly building up on here.

I loved the XK120/220 along with the D type, it's a shame Jaguar disappeared with such good cars for far to long. At least they are know making inroads in supplying fabulous motors again, my brother has the new F Type and that is a fantastic car, will be a classic in years to come

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Thanks for the welcome.


I cannot really be classed as an expert, but have a history of restoring - mostly Alfa Romeos from 1929 onwards. 


Brighton is an easy trip from Godalming where I live, so I look forward to those meets.


I chose the 350 Jaguar as it was the last of the traditional 3 box designs, but really like the look of the later models as well.




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