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A newbie to big cats

Gordon S

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Hi all, just joined in advance of picking up my first ever Jag on Friday; now I remember that Christmas feeling as a kid!

Historically been a BMW 5 series man and have enjoyed my Audi A5 3.0 Quattro, which is being traded in. But felt it was time to ramp up the quality level even further.

Will be the proud owner of an XF Premium Luxury 3.0 diesel very soon, 11 plate from a main dealer with 2 year warranty.

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Hello Gordon and welcome to; THE Jaguar OWNERS CLUB. I'm sure you will not have any issues with your new toy especially with the warranty that you have acquired however, if you feel there is then don't be afraid to ask. The lads/lasses on here will always be prepared to listen and the knowledge library has built up over time.

Diesels have come on in leaps and bounds over recent years, my Jaguar is a 4.2ltr petrol supercharged therefore, its not economy that I was expecting when I bought it converting from an SL55AMG however, I also have a CLK with a 2.7 diesel turbo engine with returns 53/54 mpg driven respectfully ha ha. I believe thats fantastic from what I consider a fast car

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