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Good valeters and detailers

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If anyone's looking for some good valeters/detailers check out Aspect Valeting Swindon. Put a ceramic coating on my F-type. Looks better now than it did when I picked it up from the dealership! They come to you and have their own water and electricity. Really professional outfit, highly recommended.






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Hi Chris and welcome to the club.


Your car certainly looks really good.


I will be looking for a good detailer when the three years after a good paint protection was put on my s type runs out in June 2016.


Pity they arrant a bit nearer, as I do like recommendation from those who have the experience of using them.





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Hi guys thank you for the warm welcome. It costs £80 to buy the product, I wouldnt be competent enough to apply it myself mind! I had a gardex done once on an A4 but I wasnt that impressed with it as it didnt seem to last that long. It might of been because it wasnt applied properly. Having done a lot of research in this sector I think a ceramic treament is the best way to protect your cars paintwork and wheels. It cost me £450 for the F-type due to it being new and not needing much machining. But having said that it still took 2 of them a day to apply it. They also detailed the interior as well so I think thats great value for money. Definitely using these guys again!

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hi chris personally I like autoglym  ultimate wax & life time shine. to me looks better than the gardex treatment. done my oldest sons audi a7  black one looked stunning after a week of washing and polishing it, gave him the old xk 57 plate to run about in he loved it.  the f-type is in my sights maybe next year or year after, like yours black looks fantastic.  I had test drive in the 3l s. loved it but the wife whom is on medication has ballooned to double her size and could get in, but nearly had to call the fire brigade to get her out lol so that was a no no  but with the new pension laws ect I am only 58 wife is 54 could be a f-type in the driveway in the next year or 2  Charlie. ITS GOOD TO BE BACK

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polymer coatings are the best way to protect any vehicle long term and still keep its gloss.

there are multiple coatings on the market available with only some being available to professional users only.
in the Swindon area there is Aspect and Ourselves who both Provide coatings.

We Provide IGL Kenzo 10H 5 Year Coating (1 of 3 Approved users in UK).

The pictures attached are of Jaguar XF Corrected and Coated in Quartz 3-4 Year 9H coating for £400 including Wheels, Plastics and all Glass.






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in swindon we (Redguard & Aspect) are the only 2 approved installers of coatings.

when having it done PLEASE make sure your car is coated indoors and by an Approved professional.
no approval means no warranty.

many people are installing coatings without approval.
without correct setup
without correct enviroment.

Peter within IGL we would be your closest Installers.

In incorrect hands coating can ruin your vehicle finish.

the F-type looks superb!

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