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Replacing Halogen Headlights with Xenon Units


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Hello one and all - Just bought a secondhand offside headlight unit to replace my original which became excessively crazed when I left the car (2009 3.0D Luxury) under a rather expensive car cover in the sunshine for a couple of weeks - I presume that it got overheated so please be warned! Anyway the headlight that I bought turns out to be a Xenon unit rather than the old halogen as fitted. I'm having trouble sourcing a replacement halogen headlight, they seem to be rarer than hens teeth. Does anyone know whether the old halogen can be swapped with a Xenon i.e is the wiring identical? I know that physically they are interchangeable and frankly it would be cheaper to find a replacement nearside Xenon unit and thereby convert both lights at the same time. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Adrian

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