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Being a Jag fan


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Ever since watching the TWR Silk Cut XJRs in the GT world endurance racing back in the eighties with the likes of Derek Warwick and Martin Brundle, the later whom I had a good chat with early one race day morning at Brands Hatch where he said as long as his car survives the race they will win and that is exactly what happened, that's the point I fell in love with the Jaguar marque. 


All them years later, what with various reasons I didn't by one until just recently, not wanting anything being "the norm" I went out and brought myself a 2011 XFR, racing bred with a huge pedigree to back it up, it surly is an inspiring car, modest with a touch of zest on the outside, quiet, comfortable and refined on the inside, but at the heart a true powerhouse of menacing unrestrained ooommmph, wow what a car.


Hopefully with me joining the owner club we can all gain some ideas and assistance in looking after the marque. 



Proud owner of a Jaguar XFR

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Welcome to the club, Jim.


The Grace, Space and Pace as said by Sir William Lyons about the Mk 2 Jaguar applies to the whole Marque, nowadays.


Even my humble S Type 2.7 D also can show a turn of pace ---- as well as the Grace and Space.


Sadly, I am now too old to think of a XFR!





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hi jim welcome. aye an xfr nice one, ive just got my second jag an xj love it. had the xk 4.2l before for 3years and loved the v8. looked at the xfr but were retired watching the pennies ect so I whent for the xj and am pleased. enjoy yours atb charlie

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