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SATNAV problem!!!!!!!!!


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right here we go, had a retro fit done satnav touchscreen,Bluetooth, voice. Everything world apart from satnav doesn't work correctly, at first it was saying disc loaded is not a map disc. So I bought another DVD drive that got rid of that problem, then I found it wouldn't navigate I noticed that antenna wire had been repaired so I've just replaced that. It's still not navigating correctly? It calculates destination ect but when it starts it just says will start when on highlighted route, but that's about it, it does show some turns up when driving but it doesn't correspond to where I'm going. I'm at a loss now could it be that the loom that the lying idiot put in could be wrong? Could it be down to something wrong with head unit. Any help appreciated. Thanks phil

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I had an issue with my sat nav that I retro fitted into my X type last year, It was the antennae that I fitted into the boot, Turns out it wasn't a long enough lead, I sourced an extention piece and re sited it to the parcel shelf, It solved my problem, My suggestion would be check the antennae and its location.

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