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DSC issue X Type


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A friend of mine who also has an X type his being  2009 2.2D Sovereign had two front tyres replaced after hitting a metal object caused a huge bulge in one of the outer walls.

Although only one tyre was damaged the tyre centre recommended replacing both front along with brake discs and although suspecting some sharp practice being on a short break some distance from home allowed all the work to be carried out.


The next day however the DSC light came on and now remains so after about 10 miles driving.


Would this be a result of something the fitters have done during the job and is it an easy fix and perhaps more importantly is it something tyre centres are capable of fixing


Thank you



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Hi Brian, I personally would have been suspicious of the brake discs having been damaged, I may be wrong but that error of doubt would have lent me to a second opinion. I would also change both tyres on a axle to such an event even though there was nothing wrong with the other although I would insist on keeping it for spare if the rear were the same. I do suspect the DSC light issue would be down to the garage having taken the discs off to replace.

One thing I would have done for sure is request the so called damaged discs that were replaced to obtain an expert opinion with the likes of the RAC/AA etc. If they then found them to be OK then I would refer the matter to the garage who undertook the work and request compensation, if they would not oblige then I would be taking the matter to firstly Trading Standards then the County Court for damages.

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Hello Kenny


Thanks for responding and I note your comments although maybe I didn't make myself clear with regard to the discs there was no mention of the discs being damaged but they recommended replacing due to wear.


Friend is taking the car to a local branch of the company to see what they say about it


Thanks again



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