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greetings from whitby


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hi, my name is Adrian and I own a 2006 x type 2.0l diesel. Now that sounds like the intro to AA and we are not meaning a motoring organisation.  I have had this car for 15 months, its my second x type, I used to have the 2.1l v6.  I love the level of comfort and enjoy driving the car.


However most people find the forum because they are googling a fault and I am the same, cos my jag has the horrible chugging when warm starting and also the engine is !Removed! loud. very frustrating! 


anyway I hope my association with this forum is long and fruitful




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Hi Adrian, and welcome to the club.


Sharing experiences is what the club is about --  good ones and annoying ones!


I have the 2.7 diesel and found that the terraclean engine treatment worked wonders.  Well worth the £120 cost.


On a cheaper note try the Wynns diesel engine cleaner which costs under a tenner and lasts for 3,000 miles.


A club member who lives locally to me had the X Type 2.0litre diesel which refused to start when hot, and he was told that the glow plugs and injectors need replacing.  £1200 at the local main dealer.  He had the terraclean service and it cured the problem!





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hi ade was down in scarbourgh on holiday 1st week in may , weather bad but spent 2 nice days in Whitby lbeautifull wee town could move ther tmora got fish &chips out the Maggie  waited for about an hour in big que really good wife loved the place to  drove the xk I had at the time down to ROBINS HOOD BAY that was a laugh could barly turn at the bottom lol drove thou Whitby in sport mode  all looking at the jag. voices saying ITS A JAGUAR  happy chappy welcome to the club ATB charlie

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