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Diff Oil Change - New Problems


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Good Day Ladies and Gents.


Im a newby so please be gentle.


Im a brit based the good old UAE and bought a 2009 SV8 3 months ago with 68,000 miles on the clock. I new when I bought it, it needed new engine and transmission mounts (Vibration at 70 mph). Had these changed at my local specialist 2 weeks ago and afterwards the car was like new. The garage also recommended diff Oil change as it was was wining slightly upto 20 mph. 


So 2 days ago they dropped the diff and changed the Oil using Oil from the Jaguar dealership here. Also got balancing and alignment completed. Returned the car the same day and now I have a few more problems;


1) Diff wining is alot louder

2) Something is banging/clunking on the rear end from standing start only (50% throttle position)

3) Vibration and groaning from rear end.gradually worse from 20 - 70mph

4) Park Break in not working - Red and amber warnings on dash

5) No cruise control


They took the car in yesterday and identified it need a new diff and e break actuator. 


I am struggling to understand how the diff has suddenly got so much worse and the other associated problems have developed.


If anyone has any suggestions to the problems, much appreciated.


Thank you 


Russ :unsure:

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hi Russell. yes your diff is gone, the seal on my 1st jag a 57plate xk whent at 55,ooo mls took it to prestige Jaguar and was lucky it only neded a new seal. sold it a few months later for new xj, but take it back to them mate explain that the car is worse since you got it back from them than you put in in, best of luck charlie

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