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Radio, etc.


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Isn't it annoying.


You switch off the engine/ignition, then switch on the radio or cd player and after 9 or 10 minutes it switches off. You switch on again and 9 or 10 minutes later, off it goes again. Switch on again and later you get a message the the battery is low and to switch on the engine to recharge it.


Anyone any idea why this happens? In this day and age what is the point of this?


By the way I have an XF Premium Luxury, 2011, 3ltr Diesel.


Love the car, but that and the DPF filter needing regularly cleaning are irksome.



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Hi eddie,

It's only happend to me on one occasion waiting for the wife (shops) I think it's just Jaguars way of looking after us.

As for the DPF every now and then leave your brains in a bucket at home, switch to sport mode, press dynamic button, paddle shift only, and enjoy WOW. probley never see it again. I have the same car same year but the S version.

Regards Dave

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HI Eddie,


I would guess that it is the battery starting to wear out which is a bit early for a 2011 car, but they have been known to fail when they are about 5 years old.  I would have it checked out.


I have never had a problem with the DPF, and although I do mostly short runs, I do manage a 20 minutes run, after the engine has got to normal operating temperature, trying to keep the engine running at around 50 mph.


I have heard that Royal Mail Van Drivers have a day a month in the garage during which they run their car at higher revs to clean the filter.





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Green Flag man said the same thing about the wife Golf they need a good run to clear the soot. But if it gets too bad then replacement is the only way forward. £800 bit to fix for the Golf

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This is probably tempting fate, but had my xf for over 3 years and never had a DPF warning.......... :rolleyes: 


Mine is a 61 plate and I had a new battery fitted under warranty at just a week under 3 years old. :P

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