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Limp mode, Please help!


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Hi everyone! Please help! I have a Jaguar XKR 2002 4.0 with supercharger, and the story goes like this:

Took the Jag to a shop about 2 months ago, where they did a little paint work and had to remove a front seat. After they have done that

all ok, seat in place, but car goes into some kind of limp mode, power loss, drives in one gear, ABS warning lights come on and so on. Nobody knows what the problem is,

I have checked the wire connections to the seat, everything looks fine. As far as i'm concerned, they didn't untach anything else in the shop. Ok, so the problem continues, I had the car to 2 other shops,

we checked the ABS sensors with a multimiter, they show the same resistance. Also at 2 shops they said the ABS control units are fine (how did they know that, no clue). So dropped off the battery, car sat for a while

next morning reattached, everything works, no power loss or ABS warning lights, drove for about 60 kilometeres, went for the MOT, got it, stalled the car, started, and the warning lights are back, ABS, and car drives in some limp mode or restricted performance mode (1st gear only)


the programm with which I checked for possible faults reads trouble codes: P1794, P1720, P1632 in the Transmission control module section. 

C1095, B1676, U2012, U2500 in the ABS section. Also reads that CAN signal from front right and left wheels from ABS is implausible. Same goes for the pedal position, engine speed and engine torque CAN signal output by ABS on the CAN communications bus.


So my questions would be:


1) Where could be the fault?

2) Is it the ABS sensors or controller?

3) Is an ABS module with numbers LNF2210AB or LNF2210AC compatible on my Jag, cause mine has the number LNF 2210 AD? That letter D could mean it may not work?

4) Is the fault somwhere in the wiring harness or connections?


Thank you very much in advance! 

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hi Janis. im no expert but probs a sensor bet im right. make sure your battery is good coz that can throw up probs. these cats like a good battery. go on to you tube look for the wheeler dealers xk8 video . thers had "limp mode" and they fixed it. ATB charlie B)

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Hi Janis and welcome to the Club.


Jaguars do depend a lot on the Battery, and it worth having it checked, though I think that that will not solve the problem


Sensors are there to protect the engine from damage and when they start to fail then limp home mode will always come on.


If you can find which one it is that is the start point.


I don't get oily hand any more, but there are several XK owners who know their way round that engine.





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