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Newbie in Surrey


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Hello out there.


I just purchased my first Jaguar and I must say how pleased I am with it. It's a XF 3.0 D S in Italian Racing Red with Ivory Interior. Dark Draco wheels.


Having changed from an old Audi 2003 RS6 the ride and quietness  is loads better. I am also at least doubling the MPG ! I'm hoping the servicing will be much cheaper as well



The car has 14,000 miles on it and will probably need some tyres on it later in the year. What are the suggestions for this car?


I had Michelin Pilot Super Sport on the Audi and they were very good wet and dry.






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Hi Dean, and welcome to the club.


Your XF is a great looker!


There was a survey on tyres about 6 months ago and the top all-round tyre that also meets the Euro standard was the Goodyear Eagle.  Second was Vredestein.


It is worth looking at the Halfords site --  just Google Halfords tyres  --  and you can put in your Reg Number and you can see all the tyres that fir your car plus the rating.  When you find one with the most"A" ratings, that will be the best tyre.


For servicing, there is a list of independent Garages who have been recommended by members in the Jaguar Owners Lounge  that is worth looking at.  Main Dealers have been found to be very pricey.





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Cheers Peter,

I'll have a look at the Halfords site.

I normally go to Michledever tyres as they do have a large selection at reasonable prices. I don't need them just yet and have time to save up!


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Hi Dean,


The Halfords site is a good one to get a tyre comparison/report.


Once you know which tyres suit you and your car best, then it is time to start the price comparison.  The reason I have had my last tyres for Halfords is that where I live there are quite a few tyre fitting companies all competing with each other, and my local Halfords will beat any other price if you just downloaded the other companies price list!



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Hi Dean and a warm welcome to the Jaguar OWNERS CLUB. I recently purchased some new shoes for my XKR and I opted for Michelin Pilots with a good price being offered on my tyres.com

You purchase the tyres online (a wide choice) and choose the fitting centre nearest your location usually a National tyres Depot. They deliver there use choose the fitting date am/pm and the fit and balance free of charge

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