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New S Type owner


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Just got my hands on family owned s type 2.7 diesel, 2004. 70k, full history. N

However restricted performance is now showing, it is being serviced tomorrow, but any ideas on potential answers ? Or things that define toy need to be changed

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Welcome to the Club, Chris.


It could be one of many things, but often the cause is a sensor failing.  When the car is serviced I assumed the mechanic wil check it out with an OBD2 Code reader. 


Let us know how you get on.


There is a Club meet on the 19th September at the Heritage Car Museum at Gaydon where you will get the opportunity to meet other members in the Midlands [and elsewhere]..





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Thank you for the welcome to the club, I have had my car serviced today and there was several fault codes rectified, however one fault code was linked to the egr vale A. This I was told Is the passenger side...

Could anyone recommend a garage / mechanic who likes working on s types and could quote for egr and cam belt replacement ?


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I think the fault code for above is shown as p0405. This I have been told is the passenger side. Pete I live in bournville

Has anyone tried the blanking kit ? If so does it work ?

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i do know that blanking the egr works on the x type very well as ive done this myself, i think for the s type the blanking plate  has to have an 8mm hole in it so ive been told maybe one of the s type members can comfirm this  



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Hi Chris,


The egr blanking on the s type depends a lot on the year of the model.  I have not had it done on my car as it cannot be done fully. I would not bother too much as a can of Wynns egr cleaner does the job.


There is a garage in Northfield that specialises in Jaguars and is cheaper than the main dealers .  Have a look at the list in the Jaguar owners lounge forum on the site and it is listed there,





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