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Ok here's one for you. Has anyone ever activated the small centre flap on the console on an XF, while there were two coins on it, just like my son has?!

I've now got an annoying noise to accompany any cornering and I don't like it.

Is it easy / hard to remove this console flap/receptacle so that I can get the blasted coins out?

Any tips, advice gratefully received.

Christopher with a noisy XF.

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Hi, I have no idea if it's easy to remove the unit/flappy things, but I have dropped coins down there in the recent past. I managed to get them out with tweezers and also found some other old papers etc.


Best of luck removing them

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I did exactly the same thing. I managed to remove the lid, but there's no way I can find to refit it with the springs still functioning. I now have a lid that doesn't pop up.

I'd find another way if I were you.

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Can you get at it via the cup holder area?

The rubberised twin cup holder just pulls upward (with a little difficulty), It is supposed to be pulled out for cleaning. Don't have my XF now so can't say whether it will work.



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A bit late but an update. 

I got the coins out! 

£1.20 trapped in the front cubby and a 50p piece sliding up and down the centre console (inside rear duct). 


Process is this:

With a flat edged screwdriver carefully prise up the wood trim between the control panel and the centre console. This gives more space for retrieving those pesky coins. Then use a thin flat tool, I used a barbque spatula to scoop the coins out. Replace wooden trim and you're done. 


Centre red console a bit more involved. Firstly sitting in the back seat with the barbecue spatula carefully prise back the clips holding the vertical trim pieces of the centre console, just around the rear air ducts is enough. This will allow you to then remove the duct control unit in one go, flip it back up and over onto the arm rest area. This open up the rear duct chutes, if you have anything in there then again use a long tool, I used a wooden skewer to gather your annoying foreign object. Clip the ducting back in place, clip the trim back in place and WooHoo all done. I expect all in to take no more than 15 mins to do both. 

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