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x type 2.2D 2007 - not starting -

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hello everyone, this I my first post - please be kind!


we have a 07 plated x type 2.2 diesel, done just shy of 68k. it started chugging under load in cornwall about a week ago. it went into limp mode with glow plug lights flashing and we stopped. left it a mo, started the engine and off we went. next morning we went out (started no probs) and then when we went to drive home it wouldnt start. by his I mean all lights came on, started engine and it just chugged and spluttered and died immediately. this time it took about 5 minutes before it got going again. we drove it back from cornwall no issues.


I has been ok for a week and it wouldn't start again and then the glow plugs lights came on again. we left it and called RAC. (it was on driveway) he said its the EGR, and temporarily disconnected it to enable me to drive too the garage to avoid pickup fees.  


garage have quoted anything up to £430 but tbh they haven't seen it so its pretty hard for them to estimate.


Husband is quite handy with cars and after a lot of googling decided to clean the EGR, which he did last night. it was rather grim, and he replaced it all squeaky clean. we tried the car and it started first time. we went to bed all smug. fatal error! this morning car was back to chugging and spluttering to death, and not going anywhere.


has anyone got any ideas why cleaning it hasn't worked? I had suggested trying to clean the manifold too while the EGR was off, but he didn't.


does anyone have any experience of this and how it got fixed? trying to see if its a smiple issue that we can try to sort ourselves without selling a child for garage charges.....



Thanks in Advance. :-)

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Hi Nina, and welcome to the club.


EGR valves con get sticky and sometimes a good blast can cure it.  The S type has two and I use Wynnes EGR cleaner which is quite cheap -  under a tenner at Halfords.


There is also a fuel system cleaner which could deal with the glow plugs, but I would recommend having a terraclean service which cured a similar problem with his x type 2.2 litre diesel.  Check it out on the internet.  It worked fine on my 2.7 diesel.


Main dealers look at your wallet/purse before looking at the car!





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