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Hi Again this is one annoying pain, no power to either the cigarette lighter in the front dash also

no power to the aux 12v socket in the centre console between the front seats. I cant find the location of the fuse, has anyone had this problem any help would be great. cheers Stu

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Looking in the 2002 wiring diagrams, your cigar lighter socket and aux socket in the cubby are paralleled off from the single relay in the Primary Junction fuse box (driver's footwell). Fuse 32 in the same junction box appears to control the supply. This would be a good place to start. The diagrams below are direct extracts from the 2002 wiring diagrams.


Although, on my 2006 car, that relay is purely to switch the aux power socket in the boot and indeed, wasn't fitted in my car initially, the cigar lighter and cubby aux socket clearly being supplied from elsewhere.





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 My 3 ltre fuse is in foot well No 32 and it is a 5amp I think, anyway it is yellow. all I did was to disturb it and it worked. also strangley the second time it went it was the  plug in socket that was bad not the fuse. worth thinking about.


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I'm pleased it is now fixed Stu.


I agree about the somewhat restricted access... especially if you have broad shoulders :lol:


I found F32 by touch, counting from the fuses further over that I could actually see.

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