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Cleaning XF's internal Rear Windscreen

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As a recent owner of my first jaguar ( 2014 XF Saloon), who bought my first car in 1959, I cannot remember any previous car from the dozens both owned and used, where I experienced such difficulty in cleaning the inside of the rear screen.


Some of this I must put down to deterioration of agility. However the restricted space between the fixed parcel shelf (containing the central rear light the casing of which is actually touching the glass) and the window itself is the main problem. Yesterday, I used a long handled fish slice wrapped in a cloth which provided the reach but without the upwards pressure needed to clean it properly.


Can any of you more experienced Jaguar owners who have lived with this for a while offer a better solution than using a fish slice from the barbecue set. I am also aware of the care needed with the heated rear screen wiring. 


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Hi Roy, and welcome to the club.


There is a similar problem with the S Type.  The car's aerodynamic style, which is beautiful, lends itself to issues like that.


However, problems are there to be solved, and you will be pleased to know that there is a window cleaner on the market, which consists of a long handled microfibre pad on a swivel head.  Believe  it of not, I bought one from either the 99p shop or Poundland which does the job admirably.  Worth the money!





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