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Starting issues x358 2.7tdvi

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Hi All


First post for me and hope it's done correctly.


I have recently purchased my first jag and I went for a black x358 2.7tdvi sovereign which I love dearly. I went from a Nissan x trail (the most reliable work horse ever) to the jag so a big change here.


Recently my dpf light came on and after a good blast on the motorway it's since been in remission. However there is a small niggle that constantly fills my heart with dread.


Each time I come to start my car it doesn't always start first time. Sometimes it takes me 3/4 times before she starts. The guy I purchased her off told me about this but said the car will always start but sometimes takes a few times to get it to turn over. Personally this is something I could do without and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what might be causing this or what I can do to get it sorted


Spoke to my garage and he said until it doesn't start (and stops working) it would be no use to him as it doesn't really have a fault.


Please advise.


Thank you 

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Hi Abbas,


Adding to what Garry has said, it is always worthwhile to check out the battery.  A member last year bought an S type which had a battery on it that would have been good on a mini.


Jaguars do need a big battery.





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Hi Abbas

I am having exactly the same issue and have owned my XJ for 5 years without any such problems. I thought could be a glow plugs issue but at a cost of £550 to have replaced at a Jag dealer I would quite obviously hope that there is an easier less expensive fix. Did you overcome your problem with a battery connection clean up, or was it something else?





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Hi dave 

It's now been a year and after much effort and jaguar diagnostics they have said it's the fuel pump in the engine. 


They have quoted me £2500 to fix. My mechanic doesn't agree. Waiting to get funds to sort it.

Friends are advising to sell it.


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Sorry Abbas I haven't visited site recently. I am taking my car in for some bits and pieces to be done and will get them to run a diagnostic check to see what they come up with.

The Jag dealer near me has a good senior mechanic and has been working on Jag's for 20 plus years so hopefully it won't be the first time he has seen this problem. 

I only have 56,000 miles on the clock and also spoke to a friend of mine who has a 2008 XF that is having a very similar issue and has a 2.7 diesel so hopefully it is an engine "blow through" that is needed, especially if your guy thinks it it is fuel related.

I will let you know what happens.

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Abbas Sorry for not getting back earlier. I took my car in for some rear suspension, bushes and brakes etc and got them to run tests on the starting issue. They couldn't find anything wrong but they did change the "fuel filter" and suggested if it doesn't improve then said we should check, clean maybe replace injectors.In the meantime the chief mechanic suggested could be worth adding some injector cleaner to the diesel when I next fill up.

So I took a look at online reviews and went for Wynns Diesel Injector cleaner that I bought at Halfords, long story short just about gone through the tank of diesel and I haven't had any issues with starting in fact motor is running really sweet,  

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